Hírek, újdonságok


If you order your translation from our Translation Agency we give you a discount in the value of 27% VAT and you only have to pay the net price of the translation.
Don’t hesitate! You’ll never find such a good offer!

The discount is valid until revocation.

Translation services by mail

Many people don’t have the time or live far even from the closest translation agency. We would like to offer them our services arranged via mail. You only have to send your scanned document to be translated via e-mail or a good copy by mail to the address of Caliban Translation Agency (Translation Agency Pécs) and we will do the translation. Having finished the translation our Translation Agency will make out an invoice of the translation fee + postal charges, scan it in and send it to you via e-mail. As soon as your transfer...


Economical and high standard service for the translation of written texts. Translation is carried out by professional translators in 32 languages and in 20 professional areas. Both order and acceptance can be carried out via the Internet.


Translation of English, Bulgarian, Czech, French, Croatian, Polish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Turkish languages, and other languages after confirmation.

Professional areas

Electricity, engineering, IT, communication, construction expert opinions, building engineering, health and safety, fire prevention, security systems, environmental protection, tobacco industry, machinery industry, vehicle repair and servicing, logistics, law, balance sheets, annual reports, reports, training materials, product catalogues, business and private correspondence, contracts, agreements, tenders, police documents, court orders, medical reports, gardening and landscaping.