Certified or official translation?

Why pay a price even three times higher for an Official Certificate of Criminal Records, a General Certificate of Secondary School Education, a Certificate of Vocational Education, a Certificate, a Diploma or any other document if you can have it translated much cheaper?

When working abroad you usually don’t need a certified translation by OFFI (National Office for Translation and Attestation) but an official translation supplied with the clause of the Caliban Translation Agency (Translation Agency Pécs) is just as acceptable by the employer. In such translation our Translation Agency will certify that the translation coincides in every detail with the annexed original document or its copy, supplies it with a signature and stamp and binds them together with a national colour ribbon. All this without any extra charges or additional costs and within normal deadline.

In the event your schedule or the distance does not allow you to come to our office in person it is enough that you send in your Official Certificate of Criminal Records by mail or in the event of Certificates a good quality scanned picture by e-mail and Caliban Translation Agency located in Pécs will send you the translation by registered mail – having received the fee for translation and the postal charges by bank transfer - by return of mail. The fee for the translation of a Certificate of Criminal Records to English or German language: HUF 5,500.- / piece.

In the event you order the translation of two or more Certificates of Criminal Records at the same time you only have to pay a full price for the first one and we give 50% discount for all the other Certificates of Criminal Records.

Fees for the translation of school Certificates to English or German language: between HUF 3,500-6,500.- per piece depending on the content (e.g. additional pages).

Postal charges (to Hungary): HUF 500.-

Please discuss the postal charges with Caliban Translating Agency located in Pécs if you wish to have the translation delivered abroad.

We give a lifetime guarantee for our works!

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