The basis for settlement is the number of characters calculated by Microsoft Word word processor. (Please see the calculation at Menu/Tools/Number of words/Number of characters (including spaces).) An A/4 size page usually contains cc. 2,000-2,500 characters.

Deadline for the work
For normal translation we undertake 10,000 characters/day. The day of ordering and taking over the work is not included in the deadline for the work.

Terms of payment
In case of company orders payment can be effected by bank transfer within 10 days of performance or in the event of cash payment at the time of taking over the work.

In case of orders by private persons – if the fee of the translation is not paid when taking over the work - we do the translation, issue the invoice which we send you in a scanned format via e-mail and you can take over the work after we receive the bank transfer or if requested we will send it to a given address by registered mail.


  • We do the translations keeping the format of the original document in the course of which if there is a possibility that pictures are copied from a PDF format we will not charge editing fee and we will not charge you for editing the header and the footer either.
  • If requested we will hand you over the translation on CD, in printed form and bound or send it to your by e-mail free of any additional charges.
  • In the case of translations not deemed as official documents we will issue official or certified translation free of any additional charges.

Our prices:

Translation: English, German, French, Italian, Croatian, Serbian languages HUF 2.10.- + VAT
Translation: other European languages HUF 3.10.- + VAT
Translation: rare languages: Scandinavian, Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, etc. languages To be discussed
Express fee over 10,000 characters/day +50%
Express fee (within 24 hours) +100%
Editing spreadsheets* / pc HUF 700.- + VAT
Inserting pictures/figures, scanning / pc HUF 700.- + VAT
Scanning including translation of texts / pc HUF 1,100.- + VAT
Proofreading** HUF 1.00.- + VAT
Translation in PowerPoint To be discussed
Translation from voice or picture recorder Translation fee +100%
Translation of hand written texts or texts difficult to read Translation fee +50%
Interpretation To be discussed

Notes: In the event the net fee of the translation calculated by the languages does not reach HUF 1,000.- by the languages instead of calculating by the characters a so called minimum fee will be applied the net fee of which is HUF 1,000.-.

* All formatting will be considered to be a spreadsheet where the number of columns exceeds two independently of the fact whether the margins of the table are indicated or not.

** To the separate request of the client we will have the text translated to the target language proofread which means it will be checked from grammatical and/or professional point of view and style. By this we ensure that no false expressions appear in the text and correct occurrent smaller mistakes.


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