The main types of interpretation:

  • Consecutive interpretation: The interpreter shall translate the words of the speaker to another language when the speaker has finished his text or pauses. Such interpretation is used at formal business discussions, meetings, trainings, presentations.
  • Synchronous interpretation: The interpreter usually sits in a closed cabin, listens to the speech of the speaker through a headset and interprets into a microphone. This type of interpretation demands outstanding professional and psychic requirements from the interpreter and requires special preparation.

We request you to ensure the following conditions for the interpreter for perfect performance:

  • Enough time and adequate amount of background material (professional texts, leaflets, product descriptions, website, etc.) so that the interpreter could adequately prepare in the given topic.
  • Information on the location of the interpretation, approachability (parking possibilities, gate number, name of the department/unit), name and contact telephone number of the contact person.
  • Depending on the location it has to be preliminarily decided whether any equipment is required: cabin for the interpreter, headset, microphone. Forced loud speech will tire the interpreter unnecessarily and quickly.
  • Adequate amount of carbon-dioxide free drinking water, glass.

A few tips for interpretation: In the event of consecutive interpretation the speaker should speak in simple sentences or stop after 1-2 sentences to let the interpreter interpret. If the speaker speaks for several minutes without stopping he will not only make the interpreter’s work harder (who has to memorize and make notes of the details) but will force the audience to idle waiting. It is difficult for and not too polite from the interpreter to break in on the speaker when he cannot memorize any more information. It especially applies to protocol events and interpretation of speeches. In order to decrease the pressure on the interpreter provide for frequent breaks or request two interpreters. Interpretation requires 100% concentration which is extremely tiring for a longer period.

Cancellation: In the event the ordered interpretation is cancelled within 24 hours of the time of the interpretation we shall invoice half of the ordered interpretation time.


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