The translation of company documents and legal contracts

Would you like to get an exact, reliable and certified translation of your Articles of Incorporation, court order, company documents, proof of the company’s tax status? It often happens that at the time of founding daughter companies abroad or carrying out work abroad foreign authorities request the official translation of the company documents of companies registered abroad (in Hungary).

Did you know that Caliban Translation Agency (Translation Agency Pécs) issues official translations or translations with the Agency’s clause without any extra charges? Don’t pay any extra money for what you can get free!

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You are buying or renting a house, a real estate or a flat but you don’t understand the purchase contract or the rental contract? Place your confidence in us! We will supply you with an authentic, certified, exact and applicable translation of your legal contracts so you can sign them without any fear. Our lawyer translators with many years of experience do excellent translations that completely give back legal formulas.

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If you order your translation from our Translation Agency we give you a discount in the value of 27% VAT and you only have to pay the net price of the translation. Don’t hesitate! You’ll never find such a good offer! The discount is valid until...
Many people don’t have the time or live far even from the closest translation agency. We would like to offer them our services arranged via mail. You only have to send your scanned document to be translated via e-mail or a good copy by mail to the...